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A description of the data file in accordance with Section 10 of the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999).


Turun Uunisepät Oy
Rydöntie 32
FI-20360 Turku

Party managing the data file

Turun Uunisepät Oy
Rydöntie 32
FI-20360 Turku

Name of data file

Uunisepät’s Customer Data File

Purpose of personal data processing

Personal data is processed for the purposes of managing and maintaining the business relationship between the company and the customer, and for client relations and marketing. The data file is used for the company’s own direct marketing, unless the customer has objected to direct marketing.

Description of the group of data subjects

The data file may contain the personal data of the company’s customers.

Description of information related to data subjects

The data file may include the following information:

Customer information

  • A person’s first and last name
  • The company’s/customer’s name and contact details, such as
  • Postal address
  • Telephone number
  • Mobile phone
  • Email address

Customer number

  • Information about the offers a customer has received
  • Information about orders a customer has made

Regular sources of data

The contact details and customer information in the data file are obtained when the customer relationship is created and from information the customer gives to the controller during said relationship. Contact details and customer information may also be collected through various marketing campaigns. A marketing ban is recorded based on separate notification by the customer.

Regular disclosure of data

Information is disclosed or handed over to third parties only in the case of a legally based disclosure obligation, such as a request made by the customer or a legally based request made by an authority.

Transfer of data outside the EU or European Economic Area

Data is not transferred or disclosed outside the EU or the European Economic Area.

Data file protection principles

The controller’s IT system and data files are protected using technical measures that are normally used in business operations. Access to the data file requires a personal user ID and password, which are only granted to a member of the controller’s staff or to a service provider operating on behalf of the company whose position and tasks relate to said access rights and personal data processing. Employees who process customer data are bound by a confidentiality obligation.

Data subjects’ right of access

Data subjects have the right to access their personal data contained in the file and the right to obtain copies thereof. The request for access must be made in writing and addressed to the party in charge of file matters (see the section ‘Party managing the data file’).

Rectification of data

The party managing the data file shall rectify, erase or complete information contained in the file that is incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or expired for the purposes of processing, on its own initiative or on the request of the data subject. The data subject must contact the party in charge of the controller’s data file matters in writing to rectify the data (see the section ‘Party managing the data file’).

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