The Ecodesign Directive will enter into force at the beginning of 2022. According to its requirements, the energy efficiency of heat-retaining fireplaces must be at least 65%. Their maximum allowable flue gas particulate emissions (Particles) are 40 mg per cubic metre.

The restrictions also apply to carbon monoxide emissions (CO content) as well as nitrogen oxides (NOX content) and unburnt organic compounds (OGC content). The maximum allowable carbon monoxide emissions are 1,500 mg per cubic metre. The maximum allowable amount of nitrogen oxides is 200 mg per cubic metre. The maximum allowable amount of unburnt organic compounds is 120 mg per cubic metre.

A certificate granted to Turun Uunisepät Oy by the authorised RRF states as follows: Particulate emissions 23 mg/m³, carbon monoxide emissions 750 mg/m³, nitrogen oxides 138 mg/m³ and unburnt organic compounds 30 mg/m³.

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