A new innovation to revolutionise residential wood burning

In the future, those who enjoy the heat of the fireplace and favour local energy, will no longer need to have a bad conscience about particulate emissions.

We have developed and patented a secondary air cartridge, called IKON. It is a revolutionary innovation which reduces emissions from heat-retaining fireplaces clearly below the limit values for flue gas particulate emissions and carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions set by the Ecodesign Directive. The Directive will enter into force in 2022. With our IKON we can reduce the particulate emissions of conventional heat-retaining fireplaces by up to 75% and carbon monoxide emissions as well as emissions from unburnt organic substances by 60%.

Developing fireplace combustion technology has been our goal and passion for a long time. We finished our first prototype a year ago, and ended up with the current, patented model after detailed measurements and tests. Now we are proud to present you with IKON, the groundbraking innovation to clean up the residential wood burning – for good.


Development work continues

Even though the secondary air cartridge has performed excellently in the strict tests, we are not going to settle for this by far. We have already tested new solutions to support our IKON. The new innovations will further develop the combustion technology and reduce particulate emissions even further.

Our goal is to give the entire fireplace and sauna stove industry a chance to significantly reduce emissions from wood burning in the very near future. In our vision local energy can be utilised in a safe and environmentally friendly manner both in Finland and our future export countries.

We feeI strongly that even our existing customers should be able to update their fireplaces to meet the new directives and continue to enjoy the gentle heat of their fireplaces in good conscience.

The figure shows how the hot air coming from the holes in the secondary air cartridge is directed above the wood forcing the combustion gases to burn cleanly with light flames. The clean smoke rising from the chimney is also light in colour, hardly noticeable.
The particulate emissions are about 35% lower than the limit values of the directive entering into force in 2022. Carbon monoxide emissions and emissions from other unburnt organic substances such as nitrogen oxides are also approx. 50% lower than the limits set by the directive. 


Ikon palaa

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