A safe chimney choice

A safe and easy choice.

A metal or block chimney? Black or white? How about replacement air?

Today, more than half of home builders choose a modern, smooth-surfaced round metal chimney. It matches the style of fireplaces with a stone or tile surface, in particular. A builder respecting traditions often chooses an angular block chimney with a plaster surface. Whichever chimney solution you choose, we have ensured the safe compatibility of the fireplace and the chimney and the provision of a good draught without the need for separate equipment. If necessary, you will be supplied with a replacement air solution integrated with the flue. We cooperate with Schiedel, the leading chimney manufacturer in Europe. Schiedel has developed fire-safe total solutions for over 70 years now. The company’s chimney systems come with a ten-year guarantee. As in the case of fireplaces, the safety of flue solutions is the most important issue for us. Uunisepät’s fireplace technicians have installed as many as 25,000 Schiedel flue solutions in heat-retaining fireplaces across Finland, and not a single one of them has caused a fire. This continues to be a matter of honour for us.

uunisepat takka hormi iki steel web

IKI-Steel metal chimney

IKI Steel is a high-quality, fire-safe, corrosion-resistant, ready-made chimney. It is a slender (Ø 250 mm) and elegant chimney with a smooth surface, and it is available in various colours. You can choose between brushed steel, black, white, grey or brick red, for example. It is thus perfect even for the most demanding interior decorator. A metal chimney is an excellent choice when a top connection is used.

The insulation used for metal chimneys is ceramic insulation material that withstands high temperatures and will not become sintered. This ensures fire safety.



harkkohormi takka netti

IKI-Harkkohormi block chimney

IKI-Harkkohormi is the most slender (320 mm x 320 mm) block chimney on the market. It can be finished with the method best suited to the interior décor, using either antique plaster or coloured plaster. It can also be clad in tiles or stone, for example. The flue can be connected using a lower, upper or top connection.

The ceramic inner liner of the block chimney is resistant to weathering, acid and high temperatures. Its smooth surface remains clean and soot-free. Therefore, it comes with a 30-year guarantee for resistance to soot fire and condensate.

Replacement air

In modern fireplace replacement air solutions, replacement air is delivered through an AIR flue or taken from directly under the fireplace. No separate air intake vents are required. This is an excellent solution also for low-energy and passive houses.

Fire wall

It is possible to integrate the fire wall with almost all Uunisepät fireplaces, which means that there is no visible gap between the fireplace and the wall behind it.

A safe total solution

The chimney solutions supplied by Uunisepät meet all the fire requirements that entered into force at the beginning of 2018.

Read more about the installations at www.uunisepat.fi
We will deliver the required fireplace and flue plans during the planning phase of your home so that you do not need to worry about them.

  • The fire safety class T400 and a 50 mm safety distance can be used for most of Uunisepät’s heat-retaining fireplaces.
  • The EN 13063-1 T400 N1 D3 G50 block chimney has also been tested in the T600 fire safety class, in which case its safety distance is 100 mm.
  • The fire safety class of the EN 13063-1 T600 N1 D3 G100 tandem chimney is T600 and the safety distance is 100 mm.


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