Heat-retaining wall

A new way to heat: Uunisepät’s heat-retaining wall!

Uunisepät’s heat-retaining wall takes advantage of the thermal energy that is released from the combustion gases and which would otherwise be expelled from the flue. A heat-retaining wall combined, for example, with a wood-burning stove that does not retain heat is an efficient way to utilise the heat that is generated.

The heat-retaining wall stores heat and releases it evenly for many hours. The surface does not reach scorching temperatures. Olivine rock is used for the body of the heat-retaining wall.

To keep the wall from heating, the ignition vent can be kept open.

Uunisepät’s heat-retaining wall

  • is quick to install
  • can increase the thermal output by as much as 25% (65% -> 90%)
  • stores approx. 10–15 kWh of energy during one load of wood
  • provides approx. 2,000 kWh of energy from 150 heating instances a year
  • has a patent pending


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