Uunisepät technology

Innovation on behalf of the environment and the user

Uunisepät has taken the traditional heat-retaining fireplace and made it safer, more efficient and more diverse in its uses. This development work demands continuous testing and research. It also benefits the environment and the user.


Normal bottom flue connection

The fireplace’s excellent heat-retaining capacity is based on the extensive circulation of the hot gases inside the firebox, which results in more heat being stored in the body of the fireplace.


Genuine double circulation

Double circulation is a system to increase efficiency and helps to obtain more heat energy from wood. A smaller quantity of wood is required, which means heating is economical and emissions are low.

sytytyspelti auki

Ignition dampers open

The ignition damper creates a direct draught in the fireplace, which means lighting a fire is easy even if the fireplace has been cold for a longer period.

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