Fireplace for a cottage

An Uunisepät fireplace makes a cottage!

Nature and the natural environment have a calming effect. Nothing beats a holiday cottage where you can leave your stress and worries behind. The cottage is a place where you can relax and enjoy nature, tranquility, and being with loved ones.

A fireplace is an important part of a cottage and the time spent there. Friends and family gather around the glowing fireplace for warmth and a unique ambience. Many people wish Finnish summers lasted longer, and the same goes for the time spent at the cottage. An efficient fireplace can extend the cottage season from early spring well into autumn – and even all year round! On rainy summer days, it’s nice to just sit and listen to the raindrops from inside, where the air is dry and pleasant.

Select the best characteristics for your cottage fireplace 

Cottage fireplaces require different characteristics than fireplaces in regular homes. When arriving at the cottage, it is important to get heat quickly. This is especially true during the cold season: in winter, early spring and late autumn. In many cases, the building has been cold for a long time, but thanks to the body material and ignition damper on Uunisepät fireplaces, the fire lights up easily even when it’s cold.

In many cottages, a fireplace is the only form of heating, which makes a heat-retaining fireplace the right choice for maintaining warmth right through until morning. Uunisepät has developed several options for the cottage nation, combining all the properties of the cottage fireplace.

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Ignition damper

The Uunisepät ignition damper is a splendid aid for lighting a cold fireplace. The ignition damper creates a direct draught in the fireplace, which means lighting a fire is easy even if the fireplace has been cold for a longer period.

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Heating cassette

A heating cassette produces warm air immediately after lighting. It dries the moisture in the air and provides as much as 5kW of heat. It does not reduce the fireplace’s heat-retaining capacity or the period in which it releases heat. The heating cassette works without electricity and can be installed in all of our models. Heating cassettes are only offered by Uunisepät.

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Double circulation

Double circulation is a system to increase efficiency and helps to obtain more heat energy from wood. A smaller quantity of wood is required, heating is economical and emissions are low. Uunisepät fireplaces release heat for up to 15–35 hours.

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