Fireplace for an existing home

Acquiring a fireplace in an existing home is easy

It pays to update a house’s heat efficiency! With energy prices constantly on the rise, changing your home’s heating method is a good idea right now. Heating with wood enhances safety, increases living comfort and considerably lowers your energy bills.

Acquiring a heat-retaining fireplace is a wise decision. Prefabricated houses are, almost without exception, equipped with a heat-retaining fireplace. Acquiring a heat-retaining fireplace is one of the most important decisions when renovating an older house and aiming for domestic bioenergy.

An expert at your service 

Our Uunisepät fireplace experts make technical visits at no charge to all homes being renovated. During the visit, the expert determines the location and safety distances of the fireplace, as well as any foundation work or reinforcements that may be necessary. The expert also considers issues related to the flue and fire wall, assists in filling in the tax credit for domestic expenses form and offers advice in all permit matters.

If a designated location for the fireplace already exists, and the fireplace is to be installed there, the foundation is not a concern. In old houses with an intermediate floor, the load-bearing capacity of the existing structure must be determined.

No other heating method compares to the ambience of wood heating**

The new centrepiece of your home can be installed to replace your old fireplace that has reached the end of its service life in just a few days, regardless of whether you live in a traditional or newer home. Thanks to Uunisepät’s broad range of products, you will find the perfect choice for a mansion, house or cottage alike. A fireplace can also be installed in a house that has no existing chimney. Uunisepät’s complete service covers the full package – from the foundation to the chimney and chimney rain cap. Our skilled fireplace technicians will cover the floor and walls carefully and dismantle the old fireplace if necessary. They also clean up after the installation, and the fireplace is handed over to the customer ready to be lit.

“Turning an old heritage house into a functioning home was a big job. We wanted to keep the house’s ‘spirit’ and homeliness intact, but we didn’t want to compromise comfort. We began planning thoroughly, and that took a lot of time. We learned about permit applications, renovating a heritage building, old and new materials, working methods, many other factors and a number of heating options.

Now the house is ready. Our own Villa. I am often the first to wake up in the morning. I sneak downstairs, meander around the rooms and gaze out the window onto the yard. I take in the atmosphere. I’ll pause for a moment and lean against the tiled stove that still radiates heat pleasantly in the morning. I never tire of it.”

– Happy house renovators Heidi and Kari

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