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Harnessing the power of fire is a skill that has enabled humans to survive in northern latitudes, and the hearth has been an important part of dwellings for many centuries. In the late 18th century, concerns over the pace at which forests were being harvested for firewood began to emerge. The efficiency of hearths needed to be improved, and so the first heat-retaining tiled stoves were designed. The body of a tiled stove captures and retains heat very efficiently.

Finland’s first tiled-stove factory was founded in Turku in 1842, and Uunisepät has carried on the tradition.

Atso Raittio, a young engineer and the son of a mason, wondered whether a heat-retaining stove could be made from pre-cast elements. He developed the idea first with his father-in-law, and later honed it with Markku Valtonen, and thus the world’s first heat-retaining fireplace constructed of elements was laid in 1982 on a property by the name of Tonavan Sauna, in Turku’s Port Arthur district. It still works today.

Atso and Markku founded Uunisepät in 1983.

Today, Turun Uunisepät is the largest manufacturer of tiled stoves in Finland, and the company is known for their breathtaking fireplace models and high quality.

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