Choosing the right heating method is a long-term decision

Choosing a heating system is one of the most important decisions a home-builder will make. It has an impact on both the inhabitants’ enjoyment of the home and living expenses throughout the building’s life cycle. Once a system has been chosen, it is often complicated and costly, and sometimes even impossible, to change it.

The wide range of options makes choosing a heating solution and planning the energy economy difficult, and only in rare cases can only one suitable option be found for a house. The choice is influenced not only by the characteristics of the heating systems, but also by personal preferences and experiences, financial factors and the possibilities and limitations of the construction location and the building. The sometimes major changes in the price of electricity or oil do not make the choice any easier. The overall costs of a heating system are made up of investments during the building phase, energy costs, fixed basic annual costs, and maintenance and repair costs.

Investment costs include system planning costs, equipment procurement costs, installation costs, fees for connecting to the local energy network, and costs related to the system’s space requirements.

Usage costs arise not only from the heating energy, but also from the household and real estate electricity, basic fees and maintenance and repair costs.

The most common energy sources for heating are electricity, ground-source heat and wood.

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Benefits for new home-owners

Every new home should have an Uunisepät heat-retaining fireplace.

These benefits are possible only with an Uunisepät partner:

  1. Free expert assistance during the planning phase.
  2. Visits to the construction site at no extra charge.
  3. An additional discount if the house seller is a partner of Uunisepät.
  4. The world’s best heat-retaining fireplace.

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Acquiring a fireplace in an existing home is easy

It pays to update a house’s heat efficiency! With energy prices constantly on the rise, changing your home’s heating method is a good idea right now. Heating with wood enhances safety, increases living comfort and considerably lowers your energy bills.

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An Uunisepät fireplace makes a cottage!

Nature and the natural environment have a calming effect. Nothing beats a holiday cottage where you can leave your stress and worries behind. The cottage is a place where you can relax and enjoy nature, tranquility, and being with loved ones.

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Our story

Harnessing the power of fire is a skill that has enabled humans to survive in northern latitudes, and the hearth has been an important part of dwellings for many centuries. In the late 18th century, concerns over the pace at which forests were being harvested for firewood began to emerge. The efficiency of hearths needed to be improved, and so the first heat-retaining tiled stoves were designed. The body of a tiled stove captures and retains heat very efficiently.

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The full package according to the turnkey principle

Uunisepät is involved in the entire process of acquiring a fireplace, from design to completion and the lighting of the first fire.

Our service includes:

  • Advisory services
  • Personalised planning
  • Offer calculations
  • Installation of the fireplace
  • Installation of the flue
  • Handover and instructions on using the fireplace
  • User support

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Firewood – a smart and natural heat source

Wood is a domestic, renewable fuel. Burning firewood does not accelerate climate change, since, as they grow, trees absorb the same amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they release when burned. In a good fireplace and with proper burning, the energy contained in wood can be converted cleanly into heat.

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